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Customs and inspection

JLS can provide customers with customs clearance services professional international import and export cargo shipping, air transport, land and other business throughout Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Dalian and other major ports, international trade range of logistics and supply chain management service, customs clearance, including:

General trade import and export goods declaration, commodity inspection and customs clearance;
Temporary import and export goods declaration, inspection, insurance charges, closed;
Entry and exit exhibition samples, advertising materials, materials declaration, inspection and clearance;
Dangerous goods import and export declarations, inspection and customs clearance;
Brigade seized the cargo customs declaration, inspection and clearance;
Private goods declaration, inspection and clearance;
Acting processing trade enterprises processing, customs bonded factories, bonded warehouses and other entry and exit of goods, inspection and verification services;
Bonded storage, customs declaration, inspection and Bonded day trips out of the library service;
Customs clearance required documents and related formalities;
Charge d'affaires fumigation / disinfection certificates, Pratt & Whitney Card (FORM A), a certificate (C / O);
Professional for the new (old) mechanical and electrical products import license, specific commodities import license, 3C certification, 3C exemption.

If you have poor clearance of import and export cargo, import and export goods if your schedules are often delayed declaration, if the high customs fees charged by your freight forwarder, please contact JLS immediately, we will be happy to provide you with safe, efficient and economical customs clearance services.