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Dangerous goods import and export freight services Solutions

Dangerous goods import and export freight services

Transport of dangerous goods is a special transport, which requires all aspects of professional operation. JLS has an outstanding leadership team and professional team, capable of dangerous goods during transport emergency situations in a timely manner, so as to ensure the smooth clearance of goods, reach their destinations on time. JLS have ten years of chemicals, dangerous goods import and export agent experience, the company has been to focus on the many internationally renowned enterprises import and export business agent of dangerous goods, with its most affordable price, quality service, simple procedures are complete times praised by customers.

Advantages of the project:

International Maritime Dangerous Goods chemicals: The company's main strategic partner with the world's largest shipping company Maersk (MSK) cooperation, the other is also CSCL, WHL, APL, RCL, PIL, EMC, CMA, and other shipping company agent banker, Europe, Middle East African exports significantly, Europe and North America can do door to door. Guangdong to undertake ordinary chemicals (rosin and rosin processed terpineol, nitrocellulose, barium carbonate, lime, etc.), 2-9 grade of dangerous goods (dipentene, Wu Luoke and other powders, liquids, granules, general category of goods Import and Export FCL / LCL shipping booking, Guangdong Maritime Dangerous Goods declaration, monitoring equipment, agency certification package danger, Guangzhou and Shenzhen wharf built business.
Dangerous chemicals air: signing EK, SQ, TK, KE, JL, NH, UPS, DHL, EMS and other aviation / courier company, providing all kinds of general cargo and dangerous goods (alcohol, sulfuric acid, etc.), chemicals (liquids, powder, solid particles, etc.), batteries and other air cargo and express delivery services, agents in Hong Kong to take off the size of airline routes, to provide fast and secure international air cargo services to customers around the world. And proficiency in various airport operational procedures, global air routes and market trends, to make our air services are the most effective protection.
Acting dangerous chemicals general cargo import and export declarations, inspection services, dangerous goods declaration for approval.
Acting dangerous chemicals wharves built, trailer transport services.
ISO-TANK (tank cabinet) import and export agent.