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Fashion boutique Solutions

Fashion boutique

Currently, many of the world's leading international brand of choice JLS Yida freight as their logistics partner. With professional, cost-effective and reliable supply chain solutions, we focused on the needs of every brand, every day tens of thousands of shops to provide services.

Government Regulations depth advisory services
Our government regulations have full knowledge and understanding that can help you promptly respond to changes in policy. We are more international customers to provide rapid solutions to help them meet the new policy requirements, such as cloth Standard Code for application testing and so on.

Local and export services
We can provide import or export trade agent services for foreign brands to help customers develop new markets in Asia.

Customs and VAT payment
Consulting program covers all customs duties and value added tax payments matters, also includes a resilient arrangements for dealing with customs duties, VAT and rapid EDI tax every quarter to ensure that your business ahead of your competitors.

Quality and safety testing
We work with Intertek - Release collaboration comprehensive full range of services, including audit, inspection and testing, quality assurance and certification, and the Chinese market exclusive Testing Services - a leading provider of quality and safety solutions: GB18401-2003 standard test, regulatory testing, performance testing and environmental testing and other textiles.

Nationwide warehousing and distribution
Through our world-class global network of bonded and non-bonded logistics center, you are sustainable in the major consumer markets expand and grow their business. We also provide security services package, with haute couture transportation and cash on delivery services to further add value to your business.

Returns Management
Our services include synchronization processing replenishment, returned to the place of purchase, quality checks in stores or distribution centers, repackaging resale, disposal and environmental protection, as well as donated services to make your fashion and lifestyle products to reflect the maximum value.

Value-added services
Value-added services include clothing rack, steam / ironing, wrinkle-free and ready-made clothing transportation of goods delivery, reduce waste and accelerate time out of the box and reduce packaging costs, etc. Additional services include information in line with the Chinese market, Chinese label and care label China on behalf of Post service.