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Fresh products import and export logistics Solutions

Fresh products import and export logistics

JLS has the following six advantages:

Charge d'affaires phytosanitary: for ornamental fish (goldfish, tropical fish, ornamental shrimp, etc.), flowers (lucky bamboo, cut flowers, plants, etc.), pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.), ice fish (fish, shrimp, fish, shrimp and a variety of semi-finished products, etc.), vegetables, frozen bloodworms and other agents phytosanitary health certificate and replacement vouchers.
Free clearance: through multiple ports of Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other import and export. For some in the mainland port normally difficult to declare sensitive goods can transit by air via Hong Kong.
Preferably Flight: offer Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai and four international airports direct and connecting flight Preferably, the flight time, tariffs contrast, the quality of service, to provide you with more options and more cost-effective flight. Singapore Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Lufthansa, Asiana, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, China, Swiss Air, Thai Airways, British Airways, Pakistan Airlines and other airlines preferential tariffs.
Supporting services: customs agents, agents seized, import and export, the precious time left you deal more value-added services.
Transit export: in Guangzhou, Shanghai is mainland customers has to change the water ventilation, transit packaging facilities. Mainland customers can electronically transfer alone, transit packaging, export directly through Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The sale of a ticket through the global trade is no longer restricted.
Professional operation: nearly two decades perishables logistics experience, from flight options, packaging, document review, inspection clearance, file transfer, cargo tracking and other processes smooth operation process, accurate. Just tell your needs, the remaining things to JLS, you can keep track of the status of the goods transport, and can stay out of the complicated logistics chain, to better focus the international market - which is to create value for your JLS .

Business Products:

Ornamental fish, aquatic plants has been the import and export of ornamental fish breeding --JLS traders, aquarium, aquarium exhibition and other professional import and export air cargo agent services. We will provide you with the charge d'affaires of ornamental fish, aquatic plants imported the required CITES, quarantine permit. Can transit imports from Hong Kong, or directly imported from Guangzhou, Xiamen, also according to need to arrange in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Xiamen, changing the water ventilation, heating cooling, and then, go to the country. We work with the national inspection and quarantine departments for the record field quarantine cooperation to ensure a smooth and quarantine of imported fish, customs clearance.
Edible aquatic air - Importers main varieties: River Seafood, ice fish, frozen fish. JLS can only export tilapia, eels, crabs, shrimp and other fresh fish, you can also export ice fish, frozen fish, so that your products quickly occupied the domestic and foreign supermarkets, aquatic fish market.
Vegetables, fruits by air - Importers main varieties: leafy, root vegetables; tea, litchi, longan and so on.
Flowers, seedlings air - Importers main varieties: cut flowers, lucky bamboo, seedlings, rooted plants. JLS has been providing flowers for the import and export agent services Express Yunnan, Guangzhou and other places of a field of flowers. Christmas Eve at major festivals, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc., to ensure unobstructed flowers Sinotrans Logistics, promote exports rise and achieve new breakthroughs in the average transaction price.
Pharmaceutical and biological products by air - Importers main varieties: vaccines, serum, proteins, biotechnological materials.
Pet airlift - the main varieties: companion animals (dogs, cats), special pets (rabbits, rats, turtles, etc.), birds pigeons, animals (monkeys, rats, rabbits, etc.).