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Terms of Use


User acceptance JLSAirsea before (the full domain name:: http //www.jlsairsea.com/) services, be sure to carefully read the terms and agree to all of its claims. The user directly or through a variety of ways (for example, outside the station API references or mobile terminal applications, etc.) and data services indirectly JLSAirsea behavior will be deemed to have unconditionally accepted the entire contents of the subject of this statement; if any user of this statement agree to the terms, please stop using JLSAirsea all the services provided.


Users used in various ways JLSAirsea services and data (including, but not limited to, download, publish, publicity, presentation, reproduced, or browse and use JLSAirsea JLSAirsea users to publish content) in the process, not in any way exploit, directly or indirectly engaged in violation JLSAirsea law, as well as the behavior of Chinese social ethics, and the user should abide by the following commitments:

Published, reproduced or provide content complying with Chinese law, social ethics;
Must not interfere with, damage and various violations JLSAirsea legitimate rights and interests;
Compliance JLSAirsea and associated network services agreement, guidelines, and other administrative rules;
JLSAirsea right to content that violates these commitments be deleted.


JLSAirsea only facilitate the user to read the article and to provide storage space for users to publish content, JLSAirsea no user published, reproduced content to provide any form of guarantee: not warrant that meet your requirements, do not guarantee JLSAirsea service will not be interrupted. For any reason, network status, communication lines, third-party websites or management requirements and cause you can not normally use a variety of features and services offered JLSAirsea, JLSAirsea will not bear any legal responsibility. The above description and user JLSAirsea signed under use agreements or other premium features using specific protocols exceptions.
JLSAirsea user posted content (including but not limited to JLSAirsea present the contents of product features and user uploaded products) only show organized in their personal or individual on behalf of the positions and views do not represent the position or opinions JLSAirsea . As a publisher, you should make their own responsible for the content of the publication, due to the release of all disputes caused the content, bear full legal and joint liability by the poster of the content. JLSAirsea not bear any legal and joint and several liability.
Users to publish content infringe intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests in JLSAirsea, JLSAirsea the right to delete, and transferred to the judicial process rights reserved.
Individual or entity considers violations of their legitimate rights and interests of the content exists on JLSAirsea, should be prepared to have the legal effect of evidence, get in touch with JLSAirsea, in order to make a deal quickly JLSAirsea.

JLSAirsea independently owned or jointly owned by the content provider within JLSAirsea website content (including but not limited to text, pictures, audio, video, data and page design, layout, software, etc.) of the copyright and / or other intellectual property. JLSAirsea network without the written permission of the copyright JLSAirsea and / or other intellectual property rights of any content, any person may not be copied, reproduced excerpts or to make a mirror on servers other than JLSAirsea belongs or in any other way use. JLSAirsea already authorized to use the work, it should be used within the scope of authorization. Those who violate the above statement, JLSAirsea will pursue its legal responsibilities.


JLSAirsea reserved Terms of Use of this interpretation, the right to modify and update.