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Special Cargo Transportation Our Business

Special Cargo Transportation

JLS and with a number of shipping companies, bulk ship owner a good working relationship and an experienced team of professionals, strive to engage in casual grocery liner business, the main carrier of the following goods:

Machinery and equipment category - ball mill, steam turbine, generator, hammers, trailer, conveyor belts, boilers, cranes, condenser, sugar and other large equipment, transport equipment;
Steel class - rolled steel, steel, seamless steel pipe, wire rod, rebar, profiles;
Aluminum and ore - coal, iron ore and a variety of non-ferrous metal ores;
Special cargo - boats, special vehicles, helicopters;
Project equipment - electrical equipment, chemical equipment, electronic equipment and factory assembly line equipment;
Woodworking machinery and glass - Large (shaped) glass (float glass, automotive glass, flat glass);
Cement, sand, fertilizer, grain, other dimensions and center of gravity irregular large objects and coal products and fine chemical products.
Main routes are:

Southeast Asia;
middle East;
South America;
North America.