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Domestic container shipping

JLS Yida provided Chinese domestic cargo shipping container transport services, and COSCO, China Shipping, South Green, in the pass so many large domestic shipping companies to establish a relationship, tariffs and accommodation for long-term cooperation have advantages, we can provide customers with more species timetable and tariffs' choices. It provides port-to-port, door to port, port to door, door to door transport service that provides round-trip transportation service, and off-site transportation door to door transport service advantages growing, shipping prices, volume and price schedules trailers multiple selectively strong, and with a number of protocol team, strong transport capacity, welcome to inquire.

Door transport of radiation various ports in the country:

Yingkou Port, Jinzhou Port, Dalian Port, Dandong Port: whole Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang Province (Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, Anshan, Fushun, Dandong, Jilin, Baicheng, Tonghua, Daqing, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Jiamusi, etc.), and may provide rail transport services!

Tianjin Port, Jingtang Port: whole Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei Province (Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Langfang, Baoding, Cangzhou, Hengshui, Xingtai, Handan, Zhangjiakou, Chengde, etc.)

Qingdao Port, Rizhao, Yantai, Longkou Port, Lianyungang: Shandong (Jinan, Weifang, Zibo, Binzhou, Linyi, Texas, Tai'an, etc.)

Quanzhou Port, Xiamen, Hong Kong and Fuzhou Mawei Port, Wenzhou Port: The entire Fujian Province (Fuzhou, Putian, Quanzhou, stone lions, Nan'an, Xiamen, Zhangzhou, etc.)

Shanghai, Nanjing Port, Nantong Port, Yang states: Shanghai, Jiangsu Province

Zhangjiagang, Zhenjiang Port, Changshu Port :( Nantong, Nanjing, Suzhou, Kunshan, Wuxi, Yixing, Taizhou, etc.)

Yangzhou Port, Port of Changzhou, Jiangyin port: the whole Zhejiang Province

Nansha Port, Shekou Port, Huangpu Old Port, the East River warehouse, Dongguan: whole of Guangdong Province (Foshan, Le Cong, Zhanjiang, etc.)

Xiuying Port: Hainan (Haikou and Sanya)

Box, load and billing profile:

20'GP = 5.89 × 2.30 × 2.30 = 31.15 cubic meter (28 tons, suitable for loading heavy cargo, such as grain, ore powder)

40'GP = 12.00 × 2.30 × 2.30 = 63.48 cubic meter (26 tons, suitable for loaded soak goods, such as furniture, tires, etc.)

40'HQ = 12.00 × 2.30 × 2.60 = 71.76 cubic meter (26 tons, suitable for loaded soak goods, such as furniture, tires, etc.)

Domestic container weight limit requirements are not very strict, try to keep within a single range, so that unnecessary trouble. Please indicate the time of inquiry is taking names of goods, container type, weight, type of service (door to door, port to port, door to port, port to door), and provide accurate point-to-door in order to address our towns accurate quote.