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Electronic Technology Solutions

Electronic Technology

Market penetration rate is the key to product success; JLS Yida freight will act before your competitors, your products shipped to the urgent need for scientific and technological products to consumers, allowing you to gain market advantage.

With years of international experience in the high-tech brands, improve the efficiency of our supply chain can provide comprehensive into the plant and manufacturing (processing) for you, factory and distribution, sale, logistics, and reverse logistics services.

Innovative programs include:

Returns and maintenance management
We perform all processing on a return or defective warehousing and transportation procedures.

Vendor Managed Inventory
Our Mill logistics and vendor inventory management solutions ensure uninterrupted supply of raw materials can fully support your product line, allowing you to concentrate on the core business in.

Warehousing and Distribution
We have a huge network of logistics centers and professional delivery team, to provide you eligible for TAPA certification for finished products, aftermarket parts and other related products, warehousing services, inventory optimization, regional distribution center management.

Value-added services
To enhance your competitiveness, we also provide return accredited testing, production and operational arrangements, to postpone the shipment, transportation midway assembly, part configuration / conversion, and a range of services.

Mail Distributors
With our professional sound inventory service, you get a better cash flow, and better market resources and better sales results.