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International Freight

We provide reliable and competitive international freight forwarding solutions to help you to develop all-round development and business in the old and new markets.

We are good at dealing with trade disputes, quotes matters, customs and quarantine procedures, but also to make an immediate change of policy on trade contingency and emergency matters, to ensure that international freight each customer, can reflect the best cost-effectiveness.

In addition to standard freight services, we respond to your needs in all aspects of cost, time and route of transport, etc., to provide a flexible and cost-effective freight joint solutions.

We also have a leading information technology system, designed to enhance the transparency of freight, and the degree of connectivity and convenient setting. KerrierVISION independent research and development of information technology platform to meet the unique needs of each customer, providing inventory, shipping, order and delivery tracking and other functions, allowing you to fully grasp the freight progress, help promote business operations and development.

Through continuous improvement and improve service quality, we continue to develop innovative freight modes and programs to cater to changing customer needs in the business.

Our range of services include:

air transport
Ocean shipping
Special cargo transportation
Bulk cargo shipping services
Road Freight
Cargo Insurance Consultants
Global Cargo Security
Risk Management Consultants