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FMCG trade and distribution Solutions

FMCG trade and distribution

JLS Yida freight to provide customers with a unique FMCG supply chain solutions, through a one-stop delivery process to help you rapidly penetrate the various sales channels and gain a competitive advantage.

With our rich experience, to meet customer demand in marketing, retail distribution, shelf management and credit management, and through the huge logistics network, effectively promote the product sales process.

JLS Yida freight offers room thermostats and different storage facilities, respectively, -25 ° C (frozen), -18 ° C (frozen), 0 - 4 ° C (refrigerated), and 8 - 25 ° C (air conditioning). We are more at room temperature and frozen huge fleet of trucks, provide maximum flexibility while ensuring that cargo on time and cost-effective, third-party logistics services, leading the way.

Through practice and continuous improvement of business operations, JLS Yida freight industry to provide customers with the highest level of service.