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Warehousing and distribution

JLS invest substantial resources in all aspects to ensure that the Asian market, in particular to provide high quality and reliable warehousing and third party logistics service customers in China. To this end, JLS establish a series of logistics center in the Asia-Pacific region more than freight logistics hub of the city and business center, constitute the most convenient and efficient network.

We offer dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution services to meet the special needs of warehousing and third party logistics business on your, plus a range of value-added services will help you to further improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

By understanding and anticipating your logistics needs, we are able to offer you the planning, implementation and operations management services arrived at the scene, to create real value for your business, and to ensure smooth and cost effective manner, deliver goods to your the customer's hands.

We stock a comprehensive range of professional services, including room temperature, chilled, frozen, dangerous goods and bonded goods operations, and covers a wide range of pre-sale and other value-added services.

Main services warehousing and third party logistics

Bonded and non-bonded warehousing
Value-added services (VAS)
Production and warehousing logistics
Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
Domestic distribution and delivery solutions
Network Analysis and Route Optimization
Customs clearance and formalities

You will receive the following benefits

Nationwide network edge
Standardized information network operating system
Tailor-made logistics solutions industry
Mature project management tools and techniques, customers can efficiently complete the transfer and integration
Comprehensive monitoring and management of quality of service