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Privacy Policy

JLSAirsea ( "http://www.jlsairsea.com/") is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy describes the privacy practices http://www.jlsairsea.com/'s website.

Covered site

Information protection measures to link to this Privacy Policy covers the privacy statement on the following websites: http: //www.jlsairsea.com/ (hereinafter referred to as "jlsairsea.com" or "JLSAirsea").

jlsairsea.com website may contain links to other sites. jlsairsea.com accepts no responsibility for the information practices or the content of other similar sites. JLSAirsea encourage you to review the privacy statements of other Web sites to understand their information measures.

Information collected

jlsairsea.com offers a variety of applications and services (collectively, the "Services"). Jlsairsea.com collect personal visit JLSAirsea personal website ( "guest") and registered for use on JLSAirsea site "service" ( "Customer") information.

When expressed interest in obtaining additional information or a registered user of "service" and "service" is, jlsairsea.com may ask you to provide personal contact information to JLSAirsea, including but not limited to: name, e-mail address. These personal contact information is referred to as "jlsairsea.com customer data."

As you browse the site in the process of, jlsairsea.com also possible to use commonly used information-gathering tools (such as cookie and web beacons) to collect relevant information ( "Site navigation information"). "Site navigation information" includes standard information (such as browser type and browser language) from the Web browser, Internet protocol (IP) address and you perform an action on JLSAirsea website (such as pages viewed and clicked on a link ).

How to use the information collected

JLSAirsea use customer information to perform the requested service. For example, if you fill out the "Contact Us" Web form, the company will use the information you provide to contact you to find the services you are interested in.

JLSAirsea also customer information for marketing purposes. For example, JLSAirsea may use the information you provide to contact you to further discuss the services you are interested in and send you information about JLSAirsea its partners, such as information about promotions or events.

jlsairsea.com use "Web site navigation information" to run and improve the "Company" website. The company also may be used alone, "Site navigation information" or in combination with jlsairsea.com customer information to provide personalized information about the company.

Site navigation information

jlsairsea.com using common information gathering tools (such as cookie and web beacons) to collect information about your site navigation JLSAirsea process (hereinafter referred to as "Navigation Information"). Type "Navigation Information" described in this section may be on the site JLSAirsea collected and how to use this information.

Public forums, recommend friends and customers Testimonials

jlsairsea.com may provide bulletin board, blog, micro-blog or chat room on JLSAirsea website. Any personal information you choose to submit in these forums can be accessed by all other people read these forums, collected, or used, and may be used to send you the information you requested is not active. For the personal information you choose to submit in these forums, jlsairsea.com not responsible.

Sharing the information gathered

jlsairsea.com jlsairsea.com may share customer information with JLSAirsea service providers so that these service providers on behalf of the company and provided the contact information for customers and visitors to contact. jlsairsea.com jlsairsea.com may also share customer information with the company's service providers to ensure the quality of information provided. In addition to this content Privacy Policy Statement, jlsairsea.com not be shared with third parties, the sale to a third party, lease or trade any of the information you provide for their marketing purposes.

jlsairsea.com ready to cooperate with other companies to jointly provide products or services. If you purchase products or services or expressed particular concern jlsairsea.com on such joint offer, the JLSAirsea possible with our partners on your joint marketing of these products or services purchased or expressed concern, shared the collected jlsairsea .com customer data. jlsairsea.com will not control our business partners how to use jlsairsea.com customer data we collect, they will follow their own privacy policies to use this information. If you do not want to get your information shared in this way, you can choose not to buy or not expressed particular concern these products or services jointly provided.

jlsairsea.com reserves the right to use or disclose the information you provide, provided that the legal requirement to do so, or has reasonable grounds to believe JLSAirsea necessary to use or disclose the information you provide in order to protect the interests of JLSAirsea and / or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order or proceedings.

International transmission of information collection

In order to facilitate jlsairsea.com global operations, JLSAirsea may transfer from all over the world and access jlsairsea.com customer information, even if jlsairsea.com transfer its customer data to other countries / regions, this privacy policy apply.

Change this Privacy Policy

JLSAirsea change this privacy policy rights reserved. jlsairsea.com in making significant changes to this privacy policy, we will be given advance notice before the change takes effect through the company website.