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Order and Supplier Management Solutions

Order and Supplier Management

JLS Yida freight orders and supplier management service is a multi-modal logistics solutions, primarily through the full range of visual-end process, reflecting a more efficient supply chain management.

That we have been authorized to measurement and assessment of performance data in the supply chain at all levels, as well as you accelerate the speed and reduce freight costs, thereby optimizing operational procedures and enhance business value.

Orders and supplier management solutions with more efficient and improve its services, including:

Monitor and ensure that suppliers comply with the volume of orders and shipments Date

Ensure that suppliers comply with the agreed protocol, including the provision of appropriate training

File management: efficiently collect all the relevant documents, verify and ensure that vendors provide documentation on time, in order to prevent delays

Forward the supplier key performance indicators (KPI), including the implementation of the agreed time limit within the shipping date of manufacture of the following: assessment of delivery, supplier appointments, delivery of goods and documents submission date

Distribution and allocation of orders: the order directly to the factory or agency