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Storage and transportation Solutions

Storage and transportation

JLS years specialized in warehousing and distribution, can provide customers with the goods out of storage, handling, sorting, packaging, processing, inventory management, cargo tracking, information, information processing, document processing, transportation and distribution, customer service and other integrated services. Goods into, sale, deposit all use IT systems management, providing inventory reports, dynamic inventory, schedules, and other reports out of warehouses, to provide customers with personalized operating SOP.

JLS supporting the existing facilities of various types of modern logistics warehouse:

General cargo storage warehouse at room temperature
General cargo Refrigerated Warehouse
Dangerous goods storage warehouse at room temperature
Dangerous goods Refrigerated Warehouse
Refrigerated Container Yard
General cargo and dangerous goods bonded warehouse

Warehousing and value-added services:

Inventory management and data support services
Sorting, repacking, simple maintenance and other services
Terminal delivery service
Domestic transport and distribution service
Logistics planning programs
Other value-added services (unbundling, for containers, labeling, handling, etc.)
Storage facilities are equipped with high-level shelves, trays, automatic loading and unloading cargo lifting platform, high lift and forklifts and other material handling equipment equipped with specialized knowledge and skills of staff available to provide customers with all types of cargo storage services.