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Medicine Solutions


The pharmaceutical industry, the convenience and security of logistics services important; we are committed to provide you with professional and reliable services to help protect lives.

"Caution" is the purpose of our operation pharmaceutical and medical logistics. Whether it is OTC, vaccine or serum, medical devices or health care products, JLS Yida freight all do everything we can, in a very cautious manner fragile medical equipment, high-tech equipment and a variety of health care products.

We adhere to adhere to the highest safety standards and to implement the most stringent regulation, because we understand the importance of the needs of your industry.

Sophisticated pharmaceutical industry solutions include:

Comprehensive cold chain management
Comprehensive and complete cold chain logistics management, to ensure that the entire supply chain are maintained at the optimal temperature, so your pharmaceutical products in time in the best condition.

Warehousing and Distribution
World-class amenities include TAPA- and GSP / GDP- certified warehouses, as well as with the humidity and temperature control storage functions.

Our distribution services worldwide, including door to door delivery and distribution point to a hospital, clinic, medicine retail outlets, as well as home delivery of drugs.

Value-added services
Value-added services related to logistics, medicine and medical supplies including classification and bundling, in line with the requirements of the local language label generation of stickers, sample handling, and recalls logistics services.

Through best practices and innovative logistics solutions, JLS Yida freight guarantee your pharmaceutical products and medical equipment can best reach the destination state.