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Intermodal Our Business


JLS also offers a variety of modes of transport by air, ocean, multimodal combined transport. For high-volume, long-distance cargo can be organized road, rail, waterways and aviation combined transport a variety of ways, the implementation of door to door transport service tracking. Ensure safe and timely conditions as possible for customers to reduce logistics costs for our customers tailor-made integrated logistics solutions, warehousing and distribution.

Our response to your transport needs, necessarily taking into account the relevant commodity Dian timing and cost conditions, and commissioned a professional Dian air sea and land carriers, with appropriate policies, tailor-made for clients of comprehension global transport programs.

Although the program is a comprehensive multiple modes of transport, but a unified program execution, from the departure point to the destination, the whole process takes only a single transport freight rates and a document along the way and all customs formalities and shipping documents, we are your proper arrangements and processing.

At the same time, you can understand and track intermodal freight transport situation and convenient transportation of comparable single-channel mode information.