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Car Solutions


For your every need in terms of automotive logistics, we immediately responded and act accordingly.

From procurement and supply of raw materials, production, export cars to end customers, as well as logistics service, we can quickly turn your automotive products shipped to the designated location, in order to achieve maximum economic benefits.

We provide comprehensive automotive logistics solutions, including:

Vendor Managed Inventory
Our inbound logistics and vendor management inventory solutions can ensure a sustainable supply of raw materials, the full support of your production line, allows you to concentrate on the core business in.

Assembly and assembly services segment
Our solutions include bill of materials compilation, number management, delivery and sorting, and sorting and assembly services. In order to minimize the risk of depreciation, we put the final assembly of the car, ready packaging and related marketing materials such as warehousing, arranged in end-user point closest to your region.

Parts and service parts logistics services
Our parts and service parts logistics management careful complete, including the optimization of inventory levels, replacement parts and service parts assembly, quality control, maintenance and range of services.

Logistics Service
Whether 4S dealership and distribution, reverse logistics or service parts and accessories return management, customers can achieve the highest level of after-sales support.

Value-added services
In the final link in the supply chain, we provide functional test / return accredited testing, car cleaning, inspection and inflatable tires, spare parts and semi / full parts assembly and other value-added services to enhance the value and competitiveness of the car.