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Wine import and export of transport services Solutions

Wine import and export of transport services

JLS specialized in general trade import customs clearance liquor, professional inspection record, Chinese label production, sampling tests and so on a full set of imported food, alcoholic agent. Import agent speed express, safe, door to door service, our operations team with one of the single, so you always know the status of the goods.

JLS in the world, exporting and importing countries every important wine, beer and spirits and other beverages with branches or representative offices, currently has 43 offices in 28 countries worldwide (and a corresponding thermostat bonded warehouse ), may be more categories, providing fast and convenient service delivery geographically dispersed customers. Especially in the LCL, the more is our advantage, regardless of the number, regardless of species, as long as customers have requested, we will be able to meet.

Business advantage:

Red wine;
V Stuttgart;
Fruit liqueur;
Logistics Services advantage:

Europe / Australian Shopping home delivery, customs clearance agent, reliable, professional, efficient local operations focus from! Such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK.
Acting advantage of European routes, seaborne imports (door mounted cabinet), imports by air (home delivery 2-3 days to the door), fast and safe arrival in Hong Kong, fees transparent.
Division I in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong has a number of specialized warehouses, the agents of foreign shortcuts to Hong Kong's imports of goods, receipt, port clearance, for a single, dock lift cabinets, airport delivery, warehousing cargo handling, with multiple cars drag cards and tons of cars delivered to the rest of Hong Kong.
Hong Kong express import, customs agents, customs clearance, reduce import costs, simplify complex procedures, cash on delivery, commissioned by the domestic logistics delivery throughout the country.