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Catering Services Solutions

Catering Services

We are committed to all types of catering business, provide quality products and professional services; clients include hotels, clubs, restaurants and fast food restaurant chains, aviation caterer, and a variety of Western and Asian cuisine restaurants.

Moreover, JLS Yida freight response to customers' unique needs, providing a wide range of high quality own brand food products, including bakery ingredients, the staple food and canned food.

We are equipped with a variety of temperature-controlled storage facilities, including -18 ° C (refrigerated), 0-4 ° C (frozen), and 8-25 ° C (air conditioning), also has a huge fleet of trucks at room temperature and frozen, flexibility high, and to ensure timely and cost-effective shipping. With our strength in this area, to third-party logistics service leadership position.

Also available a wide range of value-added services to choose from, including the development of a diversified product portfolio, brand management, tailor-made meals such as single.

JLS Yida freight and constantly open up innovation and superior product portfolio, providing customers with comprehensive solutions to become your best strategic partner.