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About JLS

JLS Group is a large-scale logistics company, domestic and foreign subsidiaries and agents network complete, all around the world more than a thousand ports and cities. Over the past decade JLS Group actively expanding in the Chinese logistics market, with domestic partners form a joint venture, or sole proprietorship set up branches and representative offices, now has the following major cities mature business logistics business: Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Putian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Xiamen. Including Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Xiamen and other branches have freight license.

JLS Group in North, Central, South and East China regional hub for the network, according to local conditions to develop strategies, forming a huge transport network. Currently, JLS Group is to provide the following services: international container shipping FCL, LCL international shipping, international bulk charter business, international air transport, international air charter services, international shipments, domestic container shipping, car transport services nationwide, National freight and warehouse-day trip to a declaration related services; while the remaining domestic and international logistics and transport-related services such as internal trade import and export customs clearance and bonded logistics also JLS range of services. Click for details of the main business.

JLS in a consistent effort and enthusiasm for major, business, small businesses, corporations, business organizations to carry out, to provide a satisfactory quality of the logistics guarantee. Not only in the minds of our customers enjoy the prestige of the many colleagues also an excellent reputation. After a long hard work, forming a huge network of customers, such as: Mitsui Group, Nissan trade, Japan LIXIL club, Baosteel Group, the United States Fuller, Germany, Carl Zeiss, Bayer chemicals, live light metal, Liugong Group, Fosu science and technology, the light sound, GE medical ...... and so on. My sincere hope that your strong support, work together to create success.

JLS is committed to providing high-quality staff working environment and conditions, we are convinced that only when employees have been pleasant working atmosphere, in order to create greater value for our customers and make customers happy. Currently, JLS with headquarters in Guangzhou as the core, through the branch network covering the country's major ports and logistics business centers around the world, providing customers with the highest quality and most comprehensive international logistics services. JLS employees all the time in the world's various terminals, warehouses, airports, warehouses and customs appear, we carefully treat every customer shipment,