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Food and Drink Solutions

Food and Drink

JLS years of use of imported resources and overseas customers, many network professionals handle name, the document was incomplete, difficult to classify, inspection difficulties of complex products. JLS has a professional import agency team, to provide customs declaration, inspection, customs clearance, Chinese labeling / record, sampling inspection and quarantine of imported food agency, international and domestic logistics, purchasing and payment, import verification and other train services, but also very competitive in terms of price.

JLS International Customs personnel is familiar with relevant state laws and regulations, with rich practical experience, flexible channel clearance and inspection, greatly reducing the label verification and commodity inspection time, the first time to make customers' products to market.

Business advantage:

Wine: Red wine, sake, beer, volts Stuttgart and the like;
Dry food categories: cookies, chips, dried fruit products (such as dried mango, dried sweet potatoes, dried hawthorn, almond dry, dry walnuts, dried longan, dried figs, etc.);
Dairy products: cheese, milk powder;
Water sauce: tomato sauce, chili sauce, caviar, pate, fruit puree, soy sauce;
Drinks categories: fruit juice, mineral water, tea drinks, coffee, solid beverage powder;
Other categories: jelly, beans, spices, food additives, chocolate, candied fruit;
We have implemented a strict SOP logistics operations to ensure that all products in each process are to maintain the desired temperature. In addition, we follow appropriate food hygiene permit requirements, in strict compliance with national health standards.

Complete cold chain solutions include:

Stringent measures and management: through strict quality management and regular inspection, we continue to validate standards and performance.
Food & Beverage decades of experience in logistics: All of our staff have qualified supervision, and regular and SOP, industry / product knowledge and time management related training.
Stringent standard operating procedures: from the product collection, transportation, inventory management, as well as delivery, for every program we are meticulous and strict implementation of SOP logistics operations, to ensure product quality to maintain the best state in the entire supply chain.
Warehousing and distribution: We offer food and beverage industry more stratospheric solutions, including -18 ° C (refrigerated), 0-4 ° C (frozen), and 8-25 ° C (air conditioning), by our professional support team on time delivery, chain restaurants / retail uninterrupted replenishment, and home delivery services.
Careful inventory management: inventory management solutions include advanced warehouse to warehouse / warehouse first expired first out arrangements, tailor-made inventory aging report, due date or the date the goods ordering deterioration, batch control, and six months / year inventory, etc. .
Value-added services: value-added services including labels on behalf of Post, bundling, specialty, gift wrap, gift baskets assembled seasonal thawing process, ancillary sales and reverse logistics, product handling.