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Cold storage and thermostatic warehouse lease Solutions

Cold storage and thermostatic warehouse lease

JLS has 8,000 square meters of constant temperature warehouses and cold storage warehouse with noise, heat insulation, insulation and other characteristics of its cooling system, insulation systems, logistics to systems, handling systems are used with the international advanced level. Warehouse management is fully enclosed with fire-fighting equipment and camera monitoring system, 24-hour security patrol, security facilities good. The main storage of goods: food related chemical raw materials and products, raw materials and food products, precision instruments, medical equipment and instruments, auto parts, electronic circuit board type, red wine, coffee, chocolate, milk, etc., fruits, dairy products class, medicines and so on.

Warehouse Type:

Cryogenic freezer, the temperature was maintained at <-18 ° or less. (Except water portfolio bits, has a special non-aquatic store, no smell, commodity inspection freezer for concentrated fruit juice, ice cream, pasta, cheese - dairy products, rice products - cakes and other non-aquatic, afraid string taste, odor special children's food cold)
Refrigerator thermostat, maintaining the temperature between 0-5 °. (For concentrated apple juice, fruits and vegetables, fresh dairy products, etc.)
Library room temperature (Summer Library of <25 ° C, winter storage temperature above 0 ° C). Suitable for storage of high value such as: Imported wine, olive oil, milk powder, biscuits, milk, dried fruit and other high-end food.

service advantage:

Professional, focused, full-time custody of doing thermostat products, such as milk, wine, medicines, etc.;
Fully automated operation of the equipment, the international advanced refrigeration technology, according to customer requirements, 24 hours temperature control, humidity control goods needed nothing to consumption goods quality assurance;
Area of ​​8,000 square meters, can meet large quantities of goods turnover, transport; a plurality of different temperatures, different areas of the warehouse; (closed, high-quality insulation sheet);
It has more than self-elevating loading platform, loading and unloading equipment for all Germany, Japan imported trucks, container trucks to meet more while loading and unloading;
Internal management and strictly regulate the service, logistical support, hygiene, fire, rodents, insects and other measures are in place, a 24-hour video surveillance equipment and computer cruise dynamic temperature etc;
More than 20 vehicles for refrigerated, heated truck, size of the tonnage are the most professional and constant temperature refrigeration distribution fleet;
Rent warehouse does not limit the length of time, long-term charter, temporary rental, transit purposes may be, at least one day accrue;
It can be self-managed, or can be hosted by the Division I;
Professional Invoicing warehouse management system; you can always check the import and sales of inventory of goods through the professional system;
Provide independent IP address, by phone or computer from anywhere 24-hour monitoring movements of goods;
Detached warehouse set up, you can hold your own key internal management, our company is responsible for external security;
It can be customized temperature storage, cold storage according to the customer.