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Why choose the JLS

Experience professional multinational logistics services
JLS able to provide customers with the best service we have attributed a group of professional and professional ability, excellent international logistics operations team, we care at all times to ensure that the owner of the goods every vote.

Per shipment are given to closely monitor the global network and online tracking
JLS and as the owner of the state of the goods in transit have the greatest concern, we always monitor and track movements of goods in transit.

Enjoy highly cost-effective shipping, reduce logistics costs
JLS time to provide customers with the highest cost-effective services, while constantly fluctuating freight time cost savings to customers.

Whether seasonal ensures accommodation
With the long history of good relations of cooperation and agreements with the major shipping companies and airlines, JLS enjoy throughout the year to ensure that every owner of a clear booking service, yes, every time delivery time.

Get the latest and most extensive information
In the information explosion of the moment, JLS rely on the professional logistics team to provide customers with the information timely and abundant logistics information, and organize your messages filtered, to allow customers to get the most useful information at the lowest cost time.

our client

JLS has been serving the South China and the Greater China region many large enterprises and SMEs, and become long-term partners of the following companies:

Bayer Pharmaceuticals
Nissan Motor
Liugong Group
General Electric
Foshan Fosu
Carl Zeiss
Procter & Gamble
Baosteel Group
Wide range of services through cooperation and sustained communication, JLS mastered the key knowledge and experience in various industries and services, can be tailor-made for different customers exclusive international freight logistics solutions, please contact us for more.