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Trade clearance certificate

JLS provides Yida freight exported from countries of origin, embassy visa, commodity inspection and other services, as follows:

First, the original certificate services:

1. Check-lose EU textile certificate;

2. Handcrafts Exported to EU handling certificate;

3. Silk and Jute Products Exported to European Union apply for a certificate;

4. Apply to Turkey Textiles certificate;

5. Silk and Jute Products Exported to Turkey handling certificate;

6. For the general certificate of origin (C / O);

7. Pratt & Whitney handling certificate FORM A;

8. Check-ASEAN certificate FORM E;

9. Check-Chile certificate FORM F;

10. Handle China - Pakistan origin FTA (referred to as CMB certificate);

11. Check-Pacific certificate FORM M;

12. Handle China - New Zealand origin;

13. Handle China - Peru certificate of origin;

Second, the Embassy endorsement / certification services Chamber of Commerce:

1. Egypt Embassy (Beijing / Hong Kong / Shanghai) certificate / INVOICE / declaration / packing list endorsement (certification);

2. Argentina Embassy (Beijing / Shanghai) certificate / INVOICE / declaration / packing list / price list endorsement (certification)

3. Saudi Embassy (Beijing / Hong Kong) certificate / INVOICE / SASO endorsement (certification);

4. Turkish Embassy (Shanghai / Beijing) Turkish exporters registration form / certificate endorsement (certification);

5. Brazilian Embassy (Beijing / Shanghai) endorsement (certification);

6. Libyan Embassy (Beijing) certificate / INVOICE endorsement (certification), and so on;

7. Handle (INVOICE / packing list / declaration / contract) CCPIT China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Certificate (Chamber of Commerce certification),

Note: The various trade clearance certificate (whichever port of export, regardless of regional, national ports worldwide).